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Where did you ride in April?: Congratulations to our 4/22 winners: Petunia, Xanthe, Elson, Sage, Bill, Jennifer, Christiane and Kayla!

Where did you ride in April? Post by 4/21/2013

Congratulations to Petunia, Xanthe, Elson, Sage, Bill, Jennifer, Christiane and Kayla!  They are the 4/22 winners in our April giveaways for sharing their rides and stories in response to:

Where did you ride in April?

See their winning answers below….

Thanks to everyone who participated, what a great collection of rides!  See all the answers on the San Diego Century website, and on the Facebook page for the San Diego Century.

The winners received one item from the following:

  • one of the 2013 San Diego Century jerseys designed at
  • a free ride entry for any distance: 103, 66, or 37 miles or the NEW Tri-City 25 mile route.
  • Revolution Bike Shop water bottles
  • Revolution Bike Shop t-shirt.
  • official San Diego Century t-shirts and hats

A new giveaway opportunity to follow soon.  Keep following us here on the website and on our Facebook page.


Good job Riders, keep up the good work!

Petunia wrote: Road the Inland Rail Trail last week. Still kind of novices, but loving it and will ride again today–perhaps along the San Juan Creek route in San Juan Capistrano.

Xanthe wrote: “Here goes. I rode 56 miles (2,100 foot gain) in my FIRST EVER Half Iron distance triathlon, HITS Napa, April 14. Flying on the downhills, working the uphills. Big deal, right? To me, it is. I am the slow fat 43 year old girl in the back. Not toward the back, THE VERY BACK. I know what it’s like to be last in a race. I was NEXT TO LAST of the Half Iron (full iron athletes were still out there) participants crossing the finish line, 9:27:46. I wanted to make 8 hours. Not even close. Know what? I finished. I was last of the Half Iron people coming out of the water. I didn’t quit. LAST coming off the bike into the run. I didn’t quit. I caught up with a nice lady, Shannon, and we stayed together on the run, even when she told me to go ahead. I was having fun and enjoying the scenery. My incredible husband was doing his first full, and because the bike route loops around itself twice (2 different loops), I got to see him three times on the bike (he blew past me the first time I saw him), and once on the run (out and back run). Shannon and I caught another two people, one stayed with us. When we got to the beautiful finish line, I let William and Shannon go ahead of me, so I was NEXT TO LAST at the finish. I didn’t quit. It was the hardest thing athletically I have ever done. I am primarily a runner, incredibly slow. I have completed 23 marathons, all but 2 in over 6 hours (average about 6.5 hours). I have had people, FRIENDS even, ask me, “Why do you bother?” and criticize because “slower runners drive up race prices, they have to keep the roads closed longer”. I have finally come to the point in my life when I don’t care what people think. I am not there for them. If the race course stays open for 7 hours, then I belong there. It takes a lot of heart to cross the finish line when nobody is there anymore, and they have taken down the timing mat (happened to me twice). I can honestly say right now that doing a Full Iron distance terrifies me. Most have a 17 hour time limit….I finished my half in 9.5. I have a lot of hard work ahead of me. One race, which will remain unnamed, starts they have a 17 hour time limit, but it’s soft, athletes have told me they wait until the very last person crosses, which was over 19 hours last year, on a flat course. Doing a full century bike ride terrifies me. I have only gone 56 thus far. I suck at hills. However, if we don’t do what terrifies us, we are stuck. I have two mantras I use during races “It’ll come” (said to me by a swimmer at another triathlon) and “Relax”. I also like “Fall down seven times, get up eight”. I have held off signing up for this event. I have been driving my husband crazy asking about this event, asking about the hills. Worst case scenario? I don’t finish. The world won’t even. But I won’t quit trying. I have also lost 17 pounds thus far, and cycling has been a big part of that. I have fallen in love with the sport, and it will only get better from here. I realize this is long and rambling, but believe me, it’s from the heart.”

Elson wrote: First ride ever. At the most I only did 8 miles, but was excited and nervous at the same time. I didn’t fall for someone trying to get used to using these speed play clips. Look forward to more rides.

Sage wrote: Rode from Tierrasanta to Santee then up to Ramona and on to Julian then to Descanso followed by Alpine then Lakeside back to Santee and finished in Tierrasanta for a 115 mile loop to the mountains and back. Lots of elevation to climb. Congrats on the double century!

Bill wrote: I rode down the unsealed, dusty Upper Daintree Road, as it followed the Daintree river, into cattle country.  A thick fog rolled through the valley.  Cattle and horses trotted beside me, as the sun started to poke through, and the mosquitos got busy in the rising heat.  My six foot frame was upon a borrowed, medium, ladies comfort bike.  Safe to say not many bikes trek down this road.

Jennifer wrote:  I knew April was going to be a challenge for me on the bike. It all started April 6th with a mountain bike event called Counting Coup 44 miles and almost 9,000 feet of climbing, I have been focusing on road riding for double centuries the last four months so my mountain bike skills suffered. Let me just say I was scared on April 6th. But, looks like my training paid off. I finished in under 7 hours(this was a dream) and I took off an hour and 24 minutes off my time from the last time I completed the event. I crossed that finish line and I burst into tears, because I could not believe what I just did. I really wanted to do the Hemet Double Century on April 13 th, but I figured it was best I recover from the mountain bike event and not push the envelope. That was hard to do because I have been pushing and pushing to prepare for my spring events. So on the 13th I went for a casual solo ride to just focus on my climbing skills and taking it easy. It was only 40 miles on my road bike but it was great for my soul. Sometimes the body just needs to take a break..

Christiane wrote: Rode from the Vallecito Stage Coach Park in Anza Borrego along the S-2 and up Banner grade to Julian. Only 29 miles, but against the wind, and with kids. Awesome day.

Kayla wrote:  I rode 204 miles in the Hemet Double Century last weekend. It was the first time I’ve done a ride of that distance in one day. What an experience! It makes the Centuries seem so much easier now:) Can’t wait for San Diego!!!

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