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Where did you ride for the week? 12/10 – 12/30

San Diego Century - Holiday Giveaways

Share your ride for a chance to win gear from Revolution Bike Shop, gift certificates from Rudy Project & XX2i Optics and FREE ENTRIES for the San Diego Century on June 1, 2013.

Post an answer below or on our Facebook page between December 10, 2012 and December 30, 2012, and let us know how you did on your holiday riding and training.  And we hope you’re excited to get into our official training for the San Diego Century starting in January 2013.  Share your rides and you’ll be in for a chance to win our giveaway items on December 17, December 26 and December 30 that will include:

  • Revolution Bike Shop gear & specials:  water bottles, T-shirts, socks, saddle bags, cycling caps & a holiday shop discount.
  • gift certificates for Rudy Project  or XX2i, our official eyewear sponsors, that can used for eyewear, helmets & gear with a values between $150 and $200 per gift certificate.
  • three of the soon to be unveiled San Diego Century 2013 jerseys designed at
  • free ride entries for any distance: 103,66, or 37 miles  (your ride report must include a link to a GPS track to be eligible for the free ride entries).

Join the fun and get in on weekly giveaways leading up to the San Diego Century on June 1, 2013.

Drop a note here or on our Facebook page with your answer to get in on the giveaways.

Congratulations to Nick and Debi for winning on 12/17!

More details on the giveaway:

No purchase necessary.  Entries limited to one per person.  One prize per person.  A minimum of 8 winners will be selected in this promotion, 2 on December 17, 3 on December 26 and 3 on December 30. Everyone who posts a ride entry and valid email/Facebook contact information will receive by email a 15% holiday shop discount code at Revolution Bike Shop valid for any single item. If you want to be eligible for a free ride entry please post a ride report with a link to the GPS track for your ride.   Free ride entries will be awarded from the pool of posts with GPS tracks included.  Items will be awarded based on comments on this post, or on the San Diego Century Facebook page between December 10 and December 30 at 11:59 pm, with winners selected by San Diego Century judges.

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  1. steve johnson -

    from Las Pulgas to San Clemente and back. Strong headwind out = strong tailwind back.

  2. Debi Foli -

    We had a BEAUTIFUL rural ride through Fallbrook, Rainbow, Valley Center, Bonsall and Oceanside. 50 miles with 4000 feet of climbing. Beginning at Mance Buchanon Park in Oceanside, we climbed Sleeping Indian and rode back routes to enjoy the alpacas through Fallbrook including the infamous Live Oak Road where we spotted a coyote scouring the landscape. From there we rode through Rainbow and flew down Rice Canyon to land in cow country where be began our climb up Couser Canyon where we enjoyed climbing by the Couser Morgan Ranch. After you drop down into Lilac land you can stop for organically grown food at the Yellow Deli as they occupy Lilac Ranch in Valley Center. A little more climbing takes you down Circle R when you can enjoy fast s-curves to Old 395. Picking up the pace on the flat Camino Del Rey, we drafted as a team all the way from Old 395 to 76. Now the the construction is over, enjoy a great big bike lane back to the bike trail which takes you to Mance Buchanon Park.
    Do this on a Saturday or Sunday morning and you will see more animals than cars and have a GREAT breakfast after. Don’t forget… while you out riding rural roads… take it single file… the residents whirl around those corners and don’t expect to see you there. Don’t be deceived by the quite ride… when they finally show up… the cars are usually flying~!

  3. Omar Lopez -


  4. Therese Nugent -

    Sometimes you just can’t beat the coast! I rode from Encinitas to Del Mar and then back to Carlsbad. It was a beautiful Saturday post-rain. (December 15, 2012)

  5. Tina Cakill -

    I ride my bike almost everyday because the stores are just a mile or so from my house I think its my way of supporting less oil needed from other countries. I ride longer on somedays from Laguna Niguel to Dana Point Harbor it just makes me smile. Riding helps me feel better I am getting closer to 50 years old and I feel as if I really must exercise to stop someof the pain in my joints just from aging. I really love to ride my bike I feel blessed I am able.

  6. Raquel -

    Up a canyon in Hollywood, across and down another canyon. Muholland

  7. Nayely -

    A rainy commute through the City of Los Angeles.

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  9. Karen -

    Went on a great ride one morning after a rain through Redlands and Loma Linda. Clear, crisp blue sky with my favorite riding buddy Amy.

  10. Ed -

    Took advantage of the weather yesterday to get in a Salt Lake Valley ride on Sunday. With snow hitting hard today, 4-6 inches and still coming down the remainder of the week will be trainer rides in the garage.

  11. Zuke -

    Where didn’t I ride? Rode the Coast, a bit Inland, a touch of Torrey Pines.

  12. David -

    Got a chance to ride back home over break with some friends.

  13. Rachael -

    Did my first “Tour of the Neighborhoods” ride with my club on Sunday. I was totally convinced the group would be waiting for me all day with all of the climbs – but I kept up! And had an amazing time! 🙂

  14. Xanthe Belsky -

    On the trainer (rain), and Hwy 80 by Kitchen Creek near Campo! Training for a Half Iron Distance triathlon, working hills.

  15. Kevin Belsky -

    Mount Laguna, El Cajon (from Campo), La Posta Road (Campo), and all the hills I can find. Training for a Full Iron Distance Triathlon.

  16. Jamie -

    In the Thumb of Michigan.

    Land of the Forgotten
    Between Caro and Bad Axe.
    60 miles RT on muddy dirt roads made wet from snow.
    33 degrees and windy.
    Wearing three layers of clothes.
    And for the entire three hour ride, I thought, “what I wouldn’t give to be riding and surfing in SoCal right now.”

  17. Paul Kamerik -

    San Marcos to San Luis River Trail to Oceanside to Leucadia back to Carlsbad took Palomar Airport Rd back to San Marcos. 60 miles.

  18. paul kamerik -

    12/22/12 Rode from Holiday park in Carlsbad to the top of Torrey Pines. Then back to Carlsbad(Holiday Park). 40.50 miles

  19. Lorie McCormick -

    On Saturday I rode with a group, Temecula Velo, from Temecula to Oceanside, such a pretty ride, so fun downhill on the way there, and very challenging uphill on the way home. One of Santa’s elves brought us hot chocolate along the way, it was a wonderful day!!

  20. Amy Brown -

    Rode with Ride Yourself Fit – a Redlands Bike club. 27 mile tour of all the local City Parks.

  21. Paula Hall -

    I rode from Norwalk to Seal Beach on the riverbed trail. and I did a large portion of my Christmas shopping with my bike… the parking is easier.

  22. Steven Barbaro -

    Downtown to Mt. Soledad loop with a Fiesta Island TT.

  23. Holiday Giveaway Winners 12/26: Scott, Lorie, Jamie, Paul, David | San Diego Century Bike Ride -

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  24. Helen Wanamaker -

    I am a roadie turned recent mountain bike rider and thought I would push myself a bit by riding in Sedona, AZ. The trails are gorgeous. Red dirt. Mesas. Majestic buttes. Trails that dip and rise with the elevation. Needless to say, some areas of riding were too technical and I would find myself hopping off my bike to walk. I approached a descending switchback and made the rookie mistake of looking down rather than in front of me and face planted on a rock. Two days before Christmas and I look like I just stepped out of the ring! A quick check to see if my teeth were still intact, if my nose was broken, and if my lip was badly split, and I shakily hopped back on my bike. There are trails to ride after all.

  25. Nicole von K -

    We rode Sunday morning 8 am from Temecula up through Murrieta, Menifee to Canyon Lake back through Lake Elsinore and Old Town Murrieta. It sure was chilly and I was so glad I was wearing so many layers. All in all a very cold, but very FUN 55-mile ride, making back home just before it started raining! Perfect timing!!! 🙂

  26. Kieran Richardson -

    I completed the Rapha Challenge on Strava. 500k in 7 days. Visited 3 major rivers in Central Az and a few other sites. Photos here:

    One of the longer rides with some actual climbing:

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