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Where are your hill climbs for training? Congratulations to our 5/13 winners: Edgar, Jo, Noel, Christina, Trisha, Eric , Wilmer and Craig!


Where are you training for the hills? Let us know between now and May 19 for a chance to win some great giveaways!

Where are you training for the hills?
Let us know between now and May 19 for a chance to win some great giveaways!

Congratulations to Edgar, Jo, Noel, Christina, Trisha, Eric , Wilmer and Craig!  They are the 5/13 winners in our “Where are your hill climbs for training?”

See their winning answers below….

Thanks to everyone who participated, what a great collection of climbs and rides!  See all the answers here on the San Diego Century website, and on the Facebook page for the San Diego Century.

The winners received one item from the following:

  • one of the 2013 San Diego Century jerseys designed at
  • a free ride entry for any distance: 103, 66, or 37 miles or the NEW Tri-City 25 mile route.
  • Revolution Bike Shop water bottles
  • Revolution Bike Shop t-shirt.
  • official San Diego Century t-shirts and hats

The San Diego Century is less than 3 weeks away.  Keep following us here on the website and on our Facebook page and keep those climbs going.  The next winners will be announced on 5/19/2013

Good job Riders, keep on climbing!

Noel wrote:  My Tuesday to Thursday hills training grounds is Hwy 125 to the Donovan prison loop with elevation of 4-9 % grade that makes my legs and lungs scream for more and during my weekend ride is at HoneySpring.  I am very fortunate to live in East Chula Vista where variety of terrain you can ride as difficult as you want it to be.

Jo Wrote: La Jolla – Torrey Pines

Edgar wrote:  turnball canyon – twice a week, this has two CAT3 back to back, i’m really liking it

Trisha wrote: Training in RPV. Climbing The Switchbacks, The 7 C’s, Silver Spur, and any other hill that gets in my way! 

Christina wrote: I rode the 38 mile loop today.  I have been following the John Howard training plan for the last 16 weeks!  It keeps me dedicated and focused!  I really appreciate the suggested mileage because this will be my first century.  Hill repeats on twin oaks valley road to san elijo has been my main training hill, but I have done Mt. Soledad and the purple monster throughout the last few months.  I’m ready! Bring it! 

Wilmer wrote:  66 for me & 2nd bike race of the year plus 2nd jersey.. Pumped !!!! 30 miles this morning – 2:06 hr

Eric wrote:  Training Ride – I’m doing the 37-mile course so today I rode the first 9 miles of that route since it has a fair amount of hills. After that I looped back the opposite direction, until I hit 101, rode up to the Encinitas sign, doubled back south along the 101 to Del Mar, then back to the starting point at the college parking lot (and therefore hitting the last few miles of the 37 mile course). I’m just getting back into the saddle after two years off (and 40 lbs on) so this should be the right amount of challenge for me as I regain my fitness (and ditch that 40lbs!).

Craig shared his ride:  Last century ride before San Diego.



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