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What’s Your Climbing Goal for 2013?


WHAT'S YOUR BIGGEST OR BEST HILL/CLIMBING GOAL FOR 2013?Post an answer by March 10, for a chance at this week's giveaways.

Post an answer below or on our Facebook page between Monday, March 4, 2013 and Sunday, March 10, 2013, and let us know: What is your biggest or best hill/ climbing goal for 2013? Share your answer, help us celebrate climbing accomplishments with our new 2013 jersey design and you’ll be entered for a chance to be one of 7 winners that will win one item of our giveaway items, including:

  • (4 winners) each winner will receive either a water bottle or T-shirt from our official bike shop, Revolution Bike Shop in Solana Beach.
  • (3 winners) each winner will receive a Ride & Jersey Combo entry good for any distance (103, 66 or 37 mi) for the 2013 San Diego Century combined with the newly unveiled 2013 bike jersey design from

Join the fun and get in on the regular giveaways leading up to the San Diego Century on Saturday, June 1, 2013.

Drop a note here or on our Facebook page with your answer to get in on the giveaways.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting on the 2013 bike jersey design for the San Diego Century.  Congratulations to Alexis and Dan for their great feedback and for each winning a 2013 jersey!

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More details on the giveaway:

No purchase necessary.  Entries limited to one per person, one prize per person.  A minimum of 7 winners will be selected in this promotion on March 10.  Items will be awarded based on comments on this post, or on the San Diego Century Facebook page between March 4 and March 10 at 5:00 pm, with winners selected by San Diego Century judges.

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  1. Karen -

    Since I’m turning 60 this year, I decided that I should climb l’Alpe D’Huez to celebrate. I’m training to climb it in July.

  2. Robert A. Smith -

    My goal is to have a serious sitdown with Mother Nature and negotiate a tailwind from the beginning of this year’s SD Century to the ending and then all the way to the Pizza Port to boot.

  3. Teresa crew -

    To make it to Ramona sag before all the sandwiches are gone!!

  4. Pamala Flores -

    This year my climbing goal is simple and I have seven more months to get there.
    I have signed up to do the Levi’s Gran Fondo “Gran Route”.
    Here’s the description:
    “The Gran route is a 103-mile journey of grandeur through the towering and enchanted forests, bare ridgetops, and pucker-worthy descents. The route climbs out of the depths of the town of Cazadero into one of the most breathtakingly beautiful expanses of terrain with incredible skytop views of nearby mountains, ridges, valleys and, of course, the vast Pacific Ocean. After cresting King Ridge Road, Gran riders are in for whipping descents and the rolling profiles of the coastal roads until you make your way back towards Occidental via the infamous Coleman Valley Road. From there, it’s smooth sailing back into Santa Rosa.”

    This is a link to the profile of the route with elevation:

    And this is a link to the Course Route:

    Now I don’t know if I will complete the entire course this year (it is my first year doing this ride) but with hard training and determination I hope to succeed. Being a participant in the San Diego Century will definitely get me to my goal and I can’t wait!

    Wish me luck!



  5. Clark -

    Someone said “personal records are made to be broken” another wise man said “goals are dreams with deadlines”. Well my deadline is 2013 to complete a 30.96 mi Bike Ride in Jamul, CA. The Bike Ride has a total ascent of 2,132ft and has a maximum elevation of 2,644ft. This map I am going to follow was created by okapi.ams. Some people reading this will say “ive conquered the Honey Springs climb probably 50 times”. Well, by the end of 2013 I will be able to say that I too have conquered the Honey Springs challenge (as I call it). 5% grade for 7 miles. “Go big or go home” my buddies says. No matter what my time ends up being (and yes, I will be timing it) it will be my PR. And since PR’s are made to be broken, I already have a goal for 2014. And always, my fellow cyclists : Rule #5 is always in effect.

  6. Jacob Sada -

    My climbing goal for 2013 is to complete the California Death Ride. 15,000 ft of climbing over 130 miles in July.

  7. Hector Maytorena -

    Do a bike ride from big bear lake to lake arrowhead and back. 70 miles 4500′ climbing but at altitude of 6800′. I also signed up for the 100mi high siera fall classic in mammoth!

  8. Raymond Mounts -

    What goes up must come down! The real challenge is always arriving to the appointed destination, but there is a problem that rises before me: The Hill! It can be a thigh burning experience that leaves me often thinking one climb down or that was easier than I expected. The SD Century will be the most climbing I have done in a single ride. I am looking forward to the challenge. My mind is already chanting the various mantras: “the mountain goat is back, wipe poop-etc., big circles-etc.”, or a song that keeps playing in my head giving me a cadence to follow, taking my mind off the pain. The real challenge is to see a rider ahead of me, an invisible soul, who I try to beat to the TOP of each climb. Knowing what goes up must come down!

  9. Brent Hedden -

    My daughter and I have been training each week with a climb up the Three Witches (San Dieguito Road). The goal is to get a better time each week so we’ll be able to sail up that hill when the event happens. Three weeks so far, and the goal has been met so far. We also going to include Torrey Pines once a month.

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