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What is your favorite jersey?

What is your favorite jersey? #1, #2, #3 or #4

What is your favorite jersey? #1, #2, #3 or #4

Post an answer below or on our Facebook page between December 18, 2014 and (voting extended to January 11!) January 4 11:59pm, 2014, and let us know your vote on the 2015 jersey designs (from Christian Riggs).  Share your votes and comments and you’ll be in for a chance to win one of two 2015 jerseys that we’ll be giving away to those who provide the best comments and feedback.

Drop a note here or on our Facebook page with your votes & comments to get in on the giveaways.


More details on the jersey giveaway:

No purchase necessary.  One jersey per winner in this promotion, with 2 jerseys awarded to 2 separate winners.   Items will be awarded based on votes with comments on this post, or on the San Diego Century Facebook page between December 17 and January 11 at 11:59 pm, with winners selected by San Diego Century judges.

The final jersey design decision will be made by event organizers and based on overall feedback, the final design may be different than the designs represented in this promotion. Jerseys will be delivered to selected winners at Friday/Saturday packet pickup for the May 30 event.  If winners are unable to pickup at the event, then the jerseys will mailed after May 30, 2015.

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  1. Jay Carrillo -

    #1 I would say is the best coz it has just the right amount of color and mix of design and details. #2-too much wheel detail. #3- “2015” overpowers the whole design. #4-too dark.

  2. Alex Frumusanu -

    Jersey #3

  3. hernan cervantes -

    Like # 1

  4. hernan cervantes -

    Like no 1

  5. Joseph Graf -

    # 3 has the cleanest most modern design. More importantly though, the blocked yellow, black & white offer a contrast that should command a drivers attention. The downside is black on the shoulders. This could prove to be a hot spot on a high temp day. Black should be kept to a minimum and used for contrast.

  6. james juan -

    I like #1

  7. Bill -

    Jersey #1 – My first choice due to the incredible colors and the most important highlights of this event: The “Hills” – clearly represented in the foreground, and “San Diego” – represented by large font lettering. I want to be envied for my participation in an event held in beautiful San Diego AND maybe imply that I am an amazing “climber” 🙂

  8. Kelly Marie -

    Jersey #1 is really classy looking, I love it! 🙂

  9. Stephen Smith -

    #4 is the most distinctive and my favorite.

  10. Joe -

    #2 is my favorite out of the bunch. I like how the wheel rises on top on the mountain, almost symbolically stating your conquering the mountain. maybe just reading to much in the design.

  11. Patrick Kelly -

    #1 gets my vote. I like the color and it will be easy for drivers to see. It says San Diego.

  12. Jerry Green -

    I like the colors and design of #2 best

  13. Ryan Barrett -

    Number 1 strikes the best balance imo. Very nice!

  14. Mirna Livingstone -

    #1 perfect color having safety in mind , nice and bright where we can be visible while been comfortable in cool colors styling the sport….!!! 🙂

  15. Alan Grimes -

    # 1, Bright Color, To much black can be hot!

  16. Dan Gallant -

    #1 is the nicest. #2 is second nicest. #3 is too busy and the year is too prominently displayed – not sure I’d want to wear it after 2015. #4 too dark and too busy

  17. Judy Drumonds -

    I like # 4 because of the distribution of colours (black on sleaves)

  18. James Serrano -

    #1 looks like a great jersey.

  19. James Serrano -

    #2 has a bit too much wheel design. #3 looks like the 2013 jersey and I think wearing #4 in my opinion gets a little hot. #1 is different and really stands out with the colors. The sun over the peaks adds a great touch. #1 has my vote.

  20. T.J. Zane -

    #1. great design!

  21. Rick -

    I like #4 it matches my color scheme.

  22. lorraine -

    Jersey #2 is really cool

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