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The Holiday Eating Bike Mile Calculator

Holiday Food

With the fun of the holidays upon us we thought an interesting question is “How Many Miles Does It  Take to Burn Off a Day of Holiday Eating?”

The answer:  It takes a Century!

According to Lauren Whitt, Ph.D., a wellness coordinator and adjunct professor in the UAB Department of Human Studies, “The average adult consumes about 3,000 calories in one Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. This figure can easily increase to more than 4,500 calories when you account for eating the rest of the day.”

How many bike ride miles does it take to burn 4,500 calories?  We used the activity calculator at to get some estimates.  Though there are many factors that go into how many calories you burn while riding, your weight and the speed you ride will provide some good estimates.

If you’re a cyclist weighing in at 150 lbs and you can crank your bike at 20 miles per hour for 83 miles it will offset that holiday of eating.

If you’re closer to 200 lbs and want an easier pace of 12 miles per hour the 4,500 calories will take 99 miles.

Holiday Eating Bike Mile Calculator

The sensible approach for the holiday is to follow Dr. Whitt’s advice and work on portion controls, and get in some exercise to offset the extra holiday calories.

If you’re looking to eat with abandon, check out a week of holiday bike mileage from John Howard that will burn off your day of holiday eating.  Or check out Hostelling International San Diego and their Christmas Bike Ride of 400 miles in 6 days.

Holiday eating by the numbers; good choices equal less weight gain

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  1. Dominic -

    Can you tell how much it takes for less than 80 pounds?

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