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Six Lucky Holiday Cyclists

Congratulations to our six lucky Holiday cyclists: Jennifer, Richard, Skip, Teresa, Elizabeth and Frank!

We gave away registrations for 3 weeks in December from the group that submitted photos and videos of their 2010 rides.  And on December 26th we had to throw a free jersey into the mix for all those who voted on our 2 jersey designs.

Jennifer, Skip, Teresa, Elizabeth and Frank won free registration to the San Diego Century on May 21 with their photo and video submissions.

And Richard will grab a free jersey for being one of the many voters on our design options for the 2011 San Diego Century jersey.

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos and videos and voted on the jersey designs!

And it’s not over!

We’ll be putting together more fun promotions in January so stay tuned to the website, and even better, subscribe to our email lists for all the latest information.

Check out the lucky cyclists:

Jennifer's Photo Entry

Jennifer's Photo Entry to Win Registration for the San Diego Century!

Jennifer: Free registration to the 2011 San Diego Century Tour on May 21, 2011.

Jennifer rode in the 2010 San Diego Century and with this coastal shot it was easy to select her photo out of the December 26th group for winning a registration.
“I am excited to have won an entry! I will probably do the 66 mile ride.” – Jennifer
Richard, 12/26 winner: Free official jersey for the San Diego Century Tour on May 21, 2011.
In December we asked for some help voting on our two jersey designs, and got some very entertaining comments for the yellow and green options.  The green jersey was a winner with the voters, taking in 65% of the votes. Richard’s vote was randomly selected to win a jersey.   He was definitely in the majority with his comment on the jerseys “Green fits the latest trend. Lets go with it.” And for his route selection for the San Diego Century he said “I would probably do the 66 mile route.”
Teresa and Skip, 12/19 winners: Free “Two Pack” registration to the 2011 San Diego Century Tour on May 21, 2011.
Skip's photo entry for the San Diego Century Bicycle Tour

Skip's photo entry to win registration for the San Diego Century Bicycle Tour

Teresa and Skip’s story is so inspirational it was an easy selection for a holiday registration win. This father/daughter duo has a motivational gift for all of us. Skip, at 70 young years, got back on the bike last year and has the goal of helping Teresa to finish the 103 mile route in her second attempt. In 2010 she was unsuccessful in completing 103 miles because of a broken chain. In 2011 Skip and Teresa will ride as “Team Crew”. Thanks for your sharing your photos and your story!

“The first pictures I sent were taken at the TOP of the Three Witches climb (part of the San Diego Century route), just prior to my 70th birthday. It was my first ride of more than 40 miles since 1952. My daughter is also planning to ride the San Diego 2011 Century. Last year she broke a chain on her first attempt and failed to finish. This year I plan on giving her some support.

My bike is a “1994” Specialized Epic and I have decided it’s time to “shuck” retirement and hit the roads. What better way to start than the San Diego Century. Looking forward to being there May 21. The specialized was purchased for $500 and I added a new seat and handlebars. It’s good to be old and still be on the road. I am an X motorcycle survivor, a lot of time in Mexico on the Baja 1000, 500 and 250,

so I’m not a novice on two wheels, just a novice in the propulsion department. The orthopedic doctor suggested that I take up the bicycle for my two trick knees. I’m sure he thought it should be a stationary one. We will be entering as a 2 rider team. This will be, for me, the first of many Century’s to come. (I hope)” – Skip

Elizabeth at the San Diego Century

Elizabeth at the 2010 San Diego Century Bicycle Tour

Elizabeth, 12/12 winner: Free registration to the 2011 San Diego Century Tour on May 21, 2011.

Elizabeth rode the San Diego Century Bicycle Tour in 2010, and even though her friend edged her out for their friendly cycling competition in 2010, she’s come away a winner on the photo contest!
“I just started cycling a little over a year ago and the 2010 San Diego Century was only my 3rd organized ride and it was a ton of fun. The course was marked well, the volunteers were friendly and I really enjoyed the ride. I am really looking forward to the 2011 ride and I am sure this one will continue to be on my list of yearly rides to complete! Thanks so much and I’ll see you in May!” – Elizabeth

Frank's Video from Bike the Coast - Taste the Coast 2010

Frank's video won entry to the 2011 San Diego Century Bicycle Tour

Frank, November winner: He opted for free registration to the San Diego Century Bicycle Tour on May 21, 2011.

Frank rode in our sister event, Bike the Coast – Taste the Coast, captured some great video (you’ll love the sound track), and won free entry to the 2011 San Diego Century. He did say that Santa is bringing him a new helmet-cam, so we’re looking forward to more cycling videos in 2011.

“Helmet-cam video of my Bike The Coast ride on 11/6/10. The roads in San Diego County are in so much better shape than those here in the City of L.A. (that’s a hint, Antonio). Bike lanes almost the whole way, sharrows in Oceanside, and a bazillion other cyclists who weren’t among the 800 in our ride. I counted 16 people asking me what that thing on top of my helmet was. My favorite question on the topic of helmet cams was “Why?” Kinda tough to answer, but I’m not stopping now.” – Frank

Check out Frank’s video>>

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