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Share Your Photos, Get Glimmer Gear & Ride More Centuries

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Now that you’ve recovered from the 2012 San Diego Century it’s time to share your stories and plan the next rides!

On June 6 we’ll be giving away 1 free entry for the 2013 San Diego Century, 1 free entry for Bike the Coast – Taste the Coast on Nov 3, 2012, and 2 Glimmer Gear jerseys.

Simply share your story and/or your photo from the 2012 San Diego Century!  Post a comment below with your story & link to your photo to get in on the June 6 giveaways.

You may also post your photos and stories on our Facebook page!

All posts and entries between May 19 and Wednesday June 6, 2012 5:00 pm are eligible.  The judging team from San Diego Century will select the winning posts on June 6, with the winners posted on June 7, 2012.

More details on the giveaway:

The Three Witches Climb at the 2012 San Diego Century

The 6/6 promotion will include one free entry for the 2013 San Diego Century, one free entry for Bike the Coast – Taste the Coast on November 3, 2012 and 2 jerseys from Glimmer Gear.  4 winners will be selected.  No purchase necessary.  Limited to registered riders for the 2012 San Diego Century.  Entries limited to one per person.  One prize per person.  Items will be awarded from comments on this post and Facebook submissions between May 19, 2012 and Wednesday June 6, 2012 at 5 pm, with winners selected by San Diego Century judges.

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  1. Download Your Free Photo from the 2012 San Diego Century | San Diego Century Bike Ride -

    […] Enjoy!  And share your photo & story with us.  You’ll get a chance to win free century entries and jerseys from Glimmer […]

  2. Caroline -

    Great ride… love the scenery… makes me feel like getting on my bike more often. Next year… 66 miles. “:o

  3. Kristen Ude -

    I’m training for the Ride the Rockies ride this summer and saw the San Diego Century as a great ride to prepare. My boyfriend flew out from New Zealand (yes I said New Zealand…talk about long distance :)) for the week and he signed up the ride. After years of riding in his past, but no real training for a century he got on his bike and finished the 100+ miles with me. A day and triumph neither one of us will ever forget!
    Awesome ride = Awesome Memory!

  4. Robert Baker -

    The first 35 miles were fun and I would ride with some folks, stop for some photos and resume with a new group. After we passed the sign that said “Three Witches” I was thinking this is not going to be that bad. Somehow in my mind and what I had heard it seemed like mile 47 was the “Purple Monster” and maybe I would have 2-3 miles of brutalness but the elevation map sort of looked like it was all downhill after that.

    About mile 45 there was a steady climb after the previous SAG station. BTW, I think all the SAG stations were perfectly positioned and well stocked. All the volunteers were friendly and a good inventory of port-a-potties. As we rode past an industrial park, you looked ahead and saw this looming ascent it seemed into the heavens on the Scripps Highway. It looked ominous. But, still in my mind I am thinking to just get through this and the rest is downhill. Ha!

    I guess the Purple Monster is an almost 2 mile climb on a 7% grade. I just kept my head down and watched my front wheel click along. A few people had to stop but to me stopping on those type of climbs are mental suicides. Once I got to the top I was relieved to see somewhat of a small 300 yard downhill to a stop light. We must probably either turn around or just get some flat mileage from here. Well, the short story is that miles 45-85 were complete ball-breakers. Ha!

    After the SAG around mile 85, I realized now I was pedaling further than I have ever before and convinced myself that all I needed to do was get to mile 94 as the ride was promoted as a 103 miler. Then, anyone can knock out 9 miles. From about mile 12 to this point I had lost all sense of bearing and direction but the course was really well marked and I never felt like I was going to miss the route. This is very critical in performance events to me. Around mile 100 it seemed they had us doing bonus miles with U-turns, etc. and I was encouraged that must mean we must be close. My bike computer and gps-watch both indicated I was approaching mile 103 and the finish line was no-where in sight.

  5. Steve C -

    How a Rookie tamed the Purple Monster.

    Well OK I didn’t tame it but I did it, even though I thought it was trying to kill me!

    The 2012 San Diego Century was my first Century and boy was it an eye opener! Firstly I was originally going to do this with my wife Sheryl but she had injured her foot so she wasn’t able to ride.

    Not to worry, she managed to keep herself busy at a local Spa for several hours of pampering.

    So on to my day. I had planned, packed, and plotted my attack to my first Century. Get there the night before, even if for only a few hours, get fed, get rested and get prepared. Everything will be just fine, despite the fact that my legs had almost no climbing experience in them.

    I had previously climbed 2k feet but that was over a 50m route, I know it’ll be hard but I mean it’s not like I’m going up 13k feet…….right?

    I’ll try to sum up to save rambling on but this is what I have learned from my first century ride.

    1. Try to not be out of town on business the entire week before your ride!
    2. Don’t skip your “load up night before meal”
    3. Get more sleep next time (but was having too much fun & was excited)
    4. EAT & DRINK properly
    5. Realize you don’t NEED to stop at every station (they were AWESOME by the way)
    6. Don’t ASSUME that every station is the same distance apart!
    7. SUNSCREEN!!
    8. It’s better to be hot from the long sleeve base layer than blistered!
    9. Sun Sleeves exist (have since been ordered)
    10. It get over 100 degrees in San Diego? 🙂
    11. Read the elevation map closer next time so you know what to prepare for.

    I had a blast I really did. I rode through some amazing scenery and I can’t wait for next year and to see some of the roads again in November for “Bike the Coast”

    I’ll be there, but just slightly more prepared this time 🙂

    Cheers all for an AMAZING event!

  6. J.R. Riggs -

    Awesome ride and great SAG!! Can’t wait for bike the coast then this ride again next year!!

  7. Wendy Kreuder -

    I had the BEST time riding in the 67 mile ride. I rode with my soon-to-be Mother-in-law. Yep, you read correctly! She had a crash near the start and finished strong. I was so proud of her, and it was amazing to create the memory of finishing 67 miles together. At the same time, my future husband was riding the 105 mile with my father and my cousin. Just thinking about it still brings happy tears to my eyes. This truly was a memory-making event for us all. It was just the start of many things that will bring our two families together as one. Congratulations to Cindy Hawley riding with me, Jake Hawley, Tom Kreuder, and John Hoff for completing the 105 strong, together, and while having fun- everyone finished with smiles and laughs. Cheers to my family, new family, and all the riders out there! We can’t wait until next year!

  8. Derek M -

    Can’t wait to do this again next year! Only did the 66 because I was scared to try the full century. Next year I’m going for the Purple Monster! Great ride, Great support, great event!

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