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Jersey Winners for 2/3 with Phone Apps for Biking

2012 Bike Jersey - San Diego Century

Congratulations to Jill and H Olson for sharing their ride gadgets and bike ride tracking tools.  They each won a 2012 San Diego Century bike jersey in the contest ending 2/3/12.  The judges selected their entries for the contest question,  What devices or phone apps do you use to track your bike rides?”  

If you haven’t seen them yet, here are their posts:

Let’s see…. I use map my ride, endomondo, cardio trainer, all sport gps pro, skimble, my tracks, sports pal pro….I like them all, the only bad thing is that the more apps you use the more battery you use, which kinda sucks so I sometimes have to pick only 2 or 3 instead of all, if I am riding 40+ miles I choose endomondo and sports pal pro, easy to use and download, but I also use my garmim gps to compare whichever others I use, and even worse, is that I always am looking for the newer better app… It’s an addiction….. one I need to break!

I started out as a runner and owned Garmin Forerunners. When I started riding to rehab my running injuries I was pleasantly surprised to see my Forerunner supported biking so I’ve been using that since 2008. Since I do get bored easily with using one device, I also downloaded a bunch of apps to try on my iphone like RunKeeper, Mapmyride, AllsportGPS etc. Found that I liked AllsportGPS the most but I’ll try Strava next, thanks for the recommendation.
– H Olson

See all the posted answers, gadgets and apps here>>    Stay tuned for the next contest ending 2/10 where we will be giving away 2 more jerseys!



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