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10 Climbs and the Jersey Winner for 3/9

2012 Bike Jersey - San Diego Century

Congratulations to Richard M. for winning the jersey last week.  And a big “thank you” to Richard for all the great rides he’s shared over the past few weeks!

For a gorgeous climbing route in Northern California that takes you through the redwoods and golden fields be sure to check out Richard’s post below (map included).

Richard won a 2012 San Diego Century bike jersey in the 3/9 edition with the judges selecting his entry for the contest question,  What is your favorite climb, or favorite hill workout?” 

Here is Richard’s post:

No one said it had to be recent or nearby…

Years ago, I used to go to Humboldt State University, in extreme Northern California (“behind the redwood curtain”, as we put it). While there, I did a lot of biking, including a beautiful 18-mile climb up Fickle Hill Road and Kneeland Road, to the tiny Kneeland Airport airstrip on top of a mountain at about 2800 feet. The scenery on the way up was a mix of dense redwood forest and golden fields of grass, with occasional views of the Pacific Ocean. So gorgeous, If there was no wind, and you stopped to admire the view, the feeling was positively spiritual.
And, of course, 18 miles of downhill is a nice reward!
No GPS track (this was before GPS), but the route is here: .

-Richard M.

The rest of 10 great climbs from from your fellow riders:

Rick’s Ranch Water Tower Hill Repeats 
Eric’s Route up Mt. Palomar (South & East Grades) 
Other notables: Great Western Loop, the North route up Mt. Palomar, Torrey Pines, La Jolla, Palos Verdes, Angeles Crest Highway and Mary’s Peak in OR. 
See posts with info on all 10 climbs here>>    And more on Facebook>>  Stay tuned for the next contest ending 3/16 where we will be giving away another jersey!



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