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How to Win a Bike Jersey on 2/24

2012 Bike Jersey - San Diego Century

We all realize that one of the keys to longer distance training is consistency during the week in riding and building up the miles.  With full schedules that is not always an easy task.   This week’s contest question is all about a little more incentive for your Hump day ride this week.

If you haven’t participated yet, we will be giving away San Diego Century bike jerseys this week (and every week until 5/19) with some fun website contest questions.  We gave away one jersey this past Sunday, so there will be one winner on Friday from those who participate this week.  The winner will receive a free 2012 San Diego Century bike jersey.

Whether or not you want to participate, be sure to check out our 2012 merchandise, including the jersey, t-shirts and caps.

This week’s question is “Where will you, or did you ride this Wednesday, and how far?”  Sharing your planned ride, and then posting your GPS track after the ride (from your phone, Garmin or manual entry) will get the best points with the judges.  Post a comment below with your answer to get in on the Jersey contest.

Need a suggestion on how to record your rides with your phone, or draw a map of your ride route online?  Here’s a list of online services where you can start for free and upload ride tracks from your phone, import your Garmin files (or Polar, Timex, etc) or draw your route.


Win a San Diego Century 2012 Bike Jersey.  2/17, 2/19 Jersey Winners and Soledad Ramble Route>>

The best comments between Tuesday and 5:00 pm  Friday 2/24  are eligible.  The judging team from San Diego Century will select the winning comments on 2/25 and 2/26, with the winners posted the week of 2/27.

More details on the giveaway:

San Diego Century "3 Witches" Climb

The 2/24 promotion will include one San Diego Century 2012 Bike Jersey.  No purchase necessary.  Entries limited to one per person.  One prize per person.  Previous 2012 winners are not eligible.   Items will be awarded based on best comments on this post between February 20 and Friday February 24, 2012 at 5 pm, with winners selected by San Diego Century judges.

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  1. Heather Stone -

    It can be hard working up the motivation for a mid-week training ride, but with added incentives like pizza and an ocean view, my boyfriend and I quickly change out of our work clothes and into the spandex every Wednesday evening. From our apartment in Banker’s Hill, we head up into Hillcrest and make our way through Mission Hills and down Presidio Dr. After a quick right turn onto Morena, we land on the OB bike path. From Morena to OB, we stretch our legs on the long, straight road, making a bee-line to the beach.
    As a reward, we share a slice from OB Pizza Port and take in some salty sea air before heading home. Sometimes a tail-wind helps out when heading inland, but you definitely earn your calories when scaling back up the mesa via Presidio Dr. I can make it half-way up before loosing all momentum and needing to walk. Riding all the way to the top by the century ride in May is a personal goal of mine. We finish our training with a quick core session at home followed by a good stretch before bed. Bring it on Thursday!

  2. Ben Wojcik -
    Nice circuit of coast and hills.

  3. Sam Cinquegrani -

    Out of Rancho Santa Fe I take El Camino Del Norte to Rancho Santa Fe Rd. Up the hill towards San Marco to the Golf Club. Then I turn around and head back the other way. A good combination of uphills, downhills and fast turns. About a 23 mile ride, not bad for a week day.

  4. John Taggart -

    This Wednesday, I rode around the lakes in our desert community–Silverlakes. I shared this ride with my wife whom is new to riding. She never rode a bike, when she was younger and has grown to ride a trike. Almost each day we try to get some miles in.

    I have been trying to ride more each day in preparation for several rides this coming spring and summer. One ride I am excited about is the American Diabetes Association–TourdeCure ride in Long Beach. This will be my first experience in riding a longer distance The rides have improved my diabetes and provided me with a life goal.

    Today’s ride was fun and allowed us to share in getting in shape. We rode until she got a serious flat tire and than the derailleur needed adjusting. I needed to spend some time fixing her bike, just like I am trying to fix my life and get healthy. I rode 15.7 miles today. In great Southern California weather.

  5. DMZ Photography -

    I road in spirit, Just had knee scoped and waiting to get back on my bike. I want to make the ride if I can rehab by then. If not I will be there with my camera take photos for the ride.

  6. Kimberly -

    Struggling to work miles into my busy work week (and considering the rising gas prices) I bought a light last weekend and rode my bike to work today for the first time! It’s just over 11 miles one way (with one hill to really get my blood flowing before I arrive at work). I don’t have a link to share, but the first part of my ride is on the San Luis Rey River trail/path…flat, calm, and void of vehicles!

  7. Heather Stone -

    Here’s a map of our Wednesday OB ride from yesterday (see previous post):

    We got a great view of the awesome sunset last night from the OB bike path. Beautiful.

  8. Richard Marubayashi -

    I live in Orange County, so I make good use of the Class 1 bike paths around here.

    On Wednesday I did one of my favorite short rides — down the Coyote Creek and San Gabriel River Bike Paths to Seal Beach ( Along the way, I enjoy seeing the birds in the lower part of the river — avocets, terns, pelicans, coots, and, of course, gulls . Around the power plant, there is actually a colony of sea turtles, but I have never seen them (or remembered to look for them).

    Near the mouth of the river, I sensed a nearby skunk, but fortunately I did not meet it (unlike my biking buddy, who once collided with a skunk in this very spot!).

    I turn around at the Seal Beach Pier, but first I stop, stretch, and enjoy the scenery. I like watching the surfers, but this particular evening there was a nice breeze, so there were a couple of kiteboarders out on the water. I was there just after sunset — here’s a photo ( ).
    I felt good enough to go quite a bit farther, but this was supposed to be a light week, according to the “John Howard training mileage”. Besides, it was getting cold!

    The ride back was great, since I now had a nice tailwind. I just flew back up that river, even on my mountain bike. With darkness falling, I had all my lights on, and enjoyed the great view of Venus and Jupiter.

  9. Julie P -

    Here is where I road:

    And some pics from my ride – they are kinda mixed in with some other recent rides but same area 🙂

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