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How to Win a Bike Jersey on 4/13

2012 Bike Jersey - San Diego Century

Just over 5 weeks left until we all meet together at the San Diego Century on May 19!  Is your riding on track and are you feeling ready?  And how about your bike?  Is she ready for the challenge of the San Elijo Climb, the 3 Witches Climb and the Purple Monster Climb?  This week’s jersey giveaway question is all about your trusty wheels.

If you haven’t participated yet, we will be giving away San Diego Century bike jerseys this week (and every week until 5/19) with some fun website questions.  We gave away one jersey over the weekend, so there will be one winner on Friday from those who participate this week.  The winner will receive a free 2012 San Diego Century bike jersey.

Whether or not you want to participate, be sure to check out our 2012 merchandise, including the jersey, t-shirts and caps.

This week’s question is “What is the next thing you want/need to buy for your bike?”  Post a comment below with your answer to get in on the Jersey contest.

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The best comments between Tuesday and 5:00 pm  Friday 4/13  are eligible.  The judging team from San Diego Century will select the winning comments on 4/14 and 4/15, with the winners posted the week of 4/16.

More details on the giveaway:

San Diego Century "3 Witches" Climb

The 4/13 promotion will include one San Diego Century 2012 Bike Jersey.  No purchase necessary.  Entries limited to one per person.  One prize per person.  Previous 2012 winners are not eligible.   Items will be awarded based on best comments on this post between April 10 and Friday April 13, 2012 at 5 pm, with winners selected by San Diego Century judges.

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  1. Adelina Husted -

    I would like to get better/new rims for my bike!! My spokes have been breaking once in a ride in Palm Desert and then on on of the training events!! Had to walk!

  2. Pamala F -

    I need to buy a new back “race” tire for the ride…my old training tire is about to fall apart with all this hard work we’re doing LOL! (front tire is new). I’d love to upgrade components but a new tire will due for now…

  3. Arthur G -

    Rear brake pads. While on my homeward bound commute I felt something bump my leg, but kept on trucking. As I was descending an -8% grade hill I think of slowing down at an upcoming intersection. When impressed the rear brakes, not joy! Fortunately there wasn’t a stop light. I passed through the light to find out that the thing I felt on my leg was one of my rear brake pads. So that’s what I need now.

  4. Jeffrey Kwan -

    Wheels would be a nice addition to my bike, but in order for me to really prepare for this century ride, I’m going to need to get a GPS. Been looking at getting either a Garmin 800 or 705 so I don’t get lost on my practice rides as well as during the real thing. I’ve never ridden over 70 miles on one go, so if I start to fall behind at the end of the century ride I know that the GPS will guide me on my way to the finish line!

  5. Derek M -

    Living in the desert of southern Nevada, riding before the sun’s blazing is key to more enjoyable rides. I need to add a headlight and tail light to be safe. I should probably put all the reflectors back on my bike too!

  6. Debbie Discoe -

    Just yesterday I was checking out Garmin bike computers, so this was an easy question to answer. I love statistics and log basic info like miles, time, avg speed from my very basic device in a journal after every ride. I know I would become a better ride if I had more info to work from.

  7. Dennis A Olson -

    My bike needs absolutely nothing equipment wise,
    Carbpn frame, Dura Ace components, mavic rims.. I got everything I need there.
    What I would like is for the rider to shed another 10 lbs so the equipment could perform at its full potential!

  8. Joel ingal -

    I would like better legs or lungs to help me with the climbs. Or I’ll settle for a better computer as mine currently only has speed, no cadence or hr.

  9. Christopher -

    Lets see? Where do i start…so much awesome equipment out there its hard to pick one thing. Ok got it! New saddle. Wont get into details of as to why but lets just say these longer rides tend to um well wear on ya. I tend to be frugal from time to time and around the 30-40 mile range is where my frugal spending habits get exposed. Not a pleasant feeling when I havent even clipped the midway point on a ride and numbness sets in!

  10. Kathleen Isemann -

    A Makeover! I’ve been on a cycling hietus for the past year, so I’m bringing my bike out of its premature retirement for this century ride. ”Roady” needs new grip tape and a professional tune up to look and sound smooth for her debut.

  11. Aaron Garcia -

    A time flux capacitor so that I can stop time/go back in time and actually train more. 🙂

  12. Lisa M -

    I want to get a Garmin bike computer.

  13. Brent Hedden -

    The rear hub on my tandem is a very old Phil Woods that currently is setup for bolt-on. I really would like to convert it to a quick-release skewer system instead.

    I never realized how much convenience quick-release provides……..

  14. Naomi Dauermann -

    I am looking at a high-powered head light that mounts on the stem, not the handle bars (yes, I have one that attaches on the handlebars and jiggles out of position when I use it). I need it for early departures, late return-trips and low light conditions so cars can REALLY SEE ME on the mountain roads I like to cycle on!

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  16. Diana -

    I’d really like to get a set of wheels for my bike. So far it’s made my friends a little faster. Or be able to make them roll a little longer. So something that rolls a little faster and “clicks” a little louder 🙂

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