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How to Win 2 Bike Jerseys on 1/20

2012 Bike Jersey - San Diego Century

To help kick off all those cycling resolutions for 2012 and our 18 weeks of training, we will be giving away San Diego Century bike jerseys this week (and every week until 5/19) with some fun website contest questions.  Two winners who participate this week will each receive a free 2012 San Diego Century bike jersey.

Whether or not you want to participate, be sure to check out our 2012 merchandise, including the jersey, t-shirts and caps.

Since we’ve all got our plans in mind for 2012 rides we thought a fitting contest question is “How many organized rides are you planning to cycle in this year?”  Share your list and we’ll do our best to help with more information and tools to make 2012 a great cycling year!   Post a comment below with your answer to get in on the Jersey contest.

Win one of 2 San Diego Century 2012 Bike Jerseys.

The best comments between Monday and 5:00 pm  Friday 1/20  are eligible.  The judging team from San Diego Century will select the winning comments on 1/21 and 1/22.

More details on the giveaway:

San Diego Century "3 Witches" Climb

The 1/20 promotion will include two San Diego Century 2012 Bike Jerseys.  No purchase necessary.  Entries limited to one per person.  One prize per person.   Items will be awarded based on best comments on this post between Monday and Friday January 20, 2012 at 5 pm, with winners selected by San Diego Century judges.

There are 17 comments for this Post

  1. David Pinion -

    As many as my wife will let me get away with. Allez, allez!

  2. Lark Gerry -

    My wish list for 2012 cycling tours are as many as my finances allow!
    San Diego Century
    Temecula Challenge
    Wildflower Century
    Lighthouse Century
    Ojai Century
    Citrus Classic
    Tour de Foothills
    Any other California Century

  3. Lark Gerry -

    If I had it my way, I would cycle everyday!

  4. Harold Hermosura Jr. -

    Second attempt at the Gran Fondo San Diego in April. Hit the infamous 80mile wall last year. lol. A couple Triathlon on the list and eyeing a couple bike rides along the way. This will be an adventurous year.

  5. Bulent Erol -

    Every week, weather and business schedule permitting. Since I control the schedule I only have to worry about the weather 🙂

  6. Marek Dembinsky -

    Tour de Cure Long Beach
    San Diego Century
    Solana Beach Century
    Solvang Century
    Lighthouse Century
    Midnight Madnes San Diego
    Rosarito -Ensenada In Mexico
    San Fransisco – Los Angeles fund raiser
    and if i will some entry money left many more.

  7. Michael Rodrigues -

    As many as my body will let me!

  8. David Pinion -

    The semi-official, wife-sanctioned ride list for 2012 (so far!)

    LA Chinatown Firecracker Ride
    Solvang Century (probably the metric)
    San Diego Century
    Climb to Kaiser Tollhouse Century
    Cool Breeze Century
    Tour de Fresno
    And the LA River Ride, schedule permitting.


  9. John Soffe -

    Stagecoach Century
    San Diego Century
    Fiesta Metric
    Bike the Bay
    Tour de Poway
    Bike the Coast

  10. Juliette Veenstra -

    Hmm.. as many as my schedule and my conditioning will allow (I’m a relative newbie…)!
    Tour de Cure San Diego
    Bike the Hills
    Bike the Coast
    Midnight Madness (intriguing)
    Any lazy Sunday rides with friends :o)

  11. Dana Gary -

    As many as I can sign up for BEFORE my husband signs up so he has to watch the kiddos!

  12. Mayra Hernandez -

    i ride my bike every day.I did SD Century last year and love it! Is in my list this year.
    -San Diego Century
    -Grand Fondo

  13. Robert Neiuber -

    Grape Ride
    Tour de Palm Springs
    Tour de Cure San Diego
    LA River Ride
    Cool Breeze
    Bike the Bay
    Tour De Perris
    OC Gran Fondo
    Long Beach Marathon bike ride
    Bike the Coast
    Tour de Foothills

  14. Rhoda Lynn -

    These are what I have committed to already and schedules permitting may add more:

    Solvang Century
    San Diego Century
    MS Coastal Challenge
    MS Bay to Bay
    RAAM Qualifier (400 ) Dana Point

  15. Lisa Ramos -

    Grand Fondo San Diego
    San Diego Century
    Death Ride

  16. Kenneth Chua -

    My goal is to be able to join my very first organized ride…. ever !!! San Diego Century is my goal. Anything more is a bonus with my schedule 😀

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