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How to Go 150mph on a Bicycle…Really

John Howard and Chris Carmichael

John Howard and Chris Carmichael

One of our favorite legends of cycling, John Howard, just put up an article on Pez Cycling News.  If you’re curious about insane speed on bicycles, John gives us all a little history along with talking about his own path to a world record 152.2 mph.

As John puts it, “One of the everlasting appeals of cycling is the thrill of speed. I had the desire to travel faster that anyone had ever gone before on a bicycle, a desire that was fueled by personalities like Mile-a-Minute Charles Murphy who was paced by the Long Island Express to a speed of 62.3 mph with boards laid between the railroad ties at the end of the 19th century. In 1941, Alf LeTourner set the bicycle land speed record at 109 mph behind an open wheel race car. At the age of 12, I remember seeing a comic book in the local Schwinn bike shop depicting LeTourner’s feat – I wanted to go even faster!”


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