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Chuck’s Squeaking Dogs and the 3/23 Jersey

2012 Bike Jersey - San Diego Century

Congratulations to Chuck for winning the jersey last Friday.  Check out his story about the squeaking dogs.  It will bring everyone a smile.  Thanks, Chuck!  And thanks to everyone else who posted their biggest climbs, a very impressive list!

Chuck won a 2012 San Diego Century bike jersey in the 3/23 edition with the judges selecting his entry for the question,  What is the most climbing you’ve tackled in a single ride?” 

Here is Chuck’s post:

Assault on Mount Mitchell: 102.7 miles with 10,357 feet of climbing!

The ride started in Spartanburg, South Carolina. At 6 am, it was about 90 degrees. The first 75 or so miles was nice rolling countryside. My friend and I realized that we got off course about mile 50 when we stopped seeing power bar wrappers (it was 20 years ago) and bananas on the side of the road. I ended up doing 110 miles total.

The last 25 miles is one heck of a hill. At the top, we encountered hail. They drove us down in buses and we got one packing blanket each for our bikes. I threw my bike in the truck and wrapped myself in the blanket.

The funniest thing about this ride was the dogs. We went out slowly so that we could pass the maximum number of people on the hill. This is the rural south, so we rode by quite a few dogs. At the start of the ride, while we were still close to the pack, we had them running after us and barking. Near the end of the ride, after the peloton had clearly passed, we had them taking a half step in our direction. They made barking motions, but at most only a squeak would come out… They had barked themselves out on the early riders!!!


See all your fellow rider posts here>>    And more on Facebook>>  Stay tuned for the next contest ending 3/30 where we will be giving away another jersey!



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